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LESTO Online Platform

LESTO Online Platform

The online system is a cloud-based system in that users share a learning community, the ages of 10-14 friendly, prepared to experience and learn science content and applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, which are filtered according to academic achievements, carrying out ordinary activities, and practices with the last user’s instructions. Individuals using the system will not only have access to example activities/practices. Still, they will be able to upload their applications to this area, continue their learning processes by receiving feedback from each other as students of different cultural and educational systems, and develop their scientific thinking skills.


The platform will be developed for using students and teachers/educators. A digital version of the training kit to be produced under O2 can be implemented through the platform. This training kit includes experiments and science activities. The platform will ensure that the science activity that can be carried out in the school or the physical lab environment is carried out online from home.

An experiment will be divided into more than one module thanks to the system being specially coded; teachers and students will be able to conduct their experiments simultaneously on this platform and stay away from the covid induced physical learning environment. They will also overcome the problem of spatial dependence for disadvantaged students.