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İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education carries out the local responsibilities of the Ministry of National Education. It works under the governorship as an enforcement mechanism on local basis. It is responsible for all educational and youth activities, administration covering all forms of education; formal education (pre-school, primary, lower secondary, upper secondary – technical/vocational schools) non-formal education, adult education, apprenticeship training, in-service training in the city, Istanbul.


The directorate consists of 1 Director, 35 Vice Directors, 1029 staff, 5.382 formal schools, 2.681.800 students and 123.494 teachers. Our organization also embodies 39 district national education directorates within the 39 districts of Istanbul. These directorates carry out the duties and services given by the Ministry of National Education in the direction of their needs and they are responsible to Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education locally.


İstanbul MEM successfully completed a Development Agency Project to develop Special Education Assessment Battery (Materials) for Special Education Classrooms in all 39 Guidance and Research Centers and State Schools in Istanbul. On the other hand, it has successfully coordinated and finalized a European Health Services Project for disadvantaged students, funded by the European Commission.