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Education and Future Technologies Association

Izmir, Turkey

Education and Future Technologies Association (EFTA) is an association aiming to enhance productivity, equality of opportunity, and quality in education by making use of todays and future technologies. Established in İzmir, EFTA conducts its activities both on a national and international scale.


EFTA offers solutions to the problems professionals around the world encounter in the field of education, encourages the employment of latest technologies to meet their needs, and runs various activities that help them acquire skills, as well as empowerment to fell behind communities such as disabilities, migrants, rural, by developing and producing facilitative tools and applications.


It has 6 people, more than 10 consultants and 40 volunteers across Turkey, predominantly in İzmir. It executes EdTech oriented projects in cooperation with different sectors in different fields.


EFTA’s vision is to help educational professionals better adapt to innovative practices in teaching and learning by means of the utilization of relevant technologies, which will enable learners to realize their potentials.


EFTA adapts teachers and learners to novelties, enables international good practice transfer, and conducts activities that seek solutions to the problems in formal and non-formal education by using future technologies.


EFTA has been cooperating with the private sector, academic institutions, civil society organizations and individuals.