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Setúbal, Portugal

At the heart of EDUGEP is the permanent commitment to our clients in providing quality services.


EDUGEP started its activity in September of 2006 aiming to create, develop and manage projects of social, cultural, and pedagogical nature, especially in the Education and Training context. The quality of our rigorous work has been a large contribution to the hallmark that the company has achieved at a regional level.


Our goals go further though once we constantly seek to become a national reference in these intervention areas. EDUGEP is an authorized and recognized Extra-Curricular Educational Centre (license no. 12.0272/DRELVT) by the Ministry of Education and a certified Training Entity by the Ministry of Employment (DGERT license, 24th October -2012/APCER license through ISO9001:2008) for the quality of services provided. EDUGEP has 30 full time workers, 4 interns and 300 service providers (independent workers). The company’s services are developed in its facilities in Avenida Independência das Colónias, nº6 B, in Setúbal. EDUGEP has registered as CAE of actuation: 85201 – Lower Secondary Education; 85591 – Professional Training; 85600 – Activities of Education and Orientation Services; 85593 – Other Pedagogical Activities.


EDUGEP’s services are provided in four main areas: Education; Psychology and Counselling; Training; and Consulting. EDUGEP has a vast experience in the different intervention areas that are relevant for the project, namely in the work that has been developed with education institutions and adult training. Regarding adult training we have developed training actions in the area of foreign languages, specifically English, Spanish, German and Mandarin, as well as in the area of Portuguese Sign Language. We have also developed courses in Pedagogical Initial Training for Trainers and Training for Teachers of Extra Curricular Activities for primary school. We also provide personalized and adapted training services, having developed specific courses for several companies and Professional Schools and also having established a partnership with the University of Évora aiming the training for the New Opportunities Centres’ Staff.