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ARK Eğitim – Eğlenceli Bilim

Izmir-Istanbul, Turkey

Eğlenceli Bilim has been working in the field of hands-on science education for children K-8 level in 10 years in Turkey. 1,000 scientific experiments have been developed in coherence with universal science education and Turkey Ministry of National Education Science Curriculum. Hands-on science programs are created that blend scientific experiments with 21st century skills, especially scientific process skills to integrate hands-on and minds-on science education. Short and long term teacher and trainer educations are prepared and implemented according to the developed program needs. In the field of hands-on science education, experimental materials appropriate for the program contents are both also provided by Eğlenceli Bilim when required. Our programs have reached 2,400 teachers & trainers and 200,000 children in 17 NGOs and 200 schools in 35 cities in 10 years.


  • Eğlenceli Bilim has a constructed curriculum for K-8 grade levels. For each grade level 16 programs each covers at least 2 lesson hours have developed and those programs have been implemented at 200 schools since four years.


  • The Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) is the most extensive network of NGO working with over 10,000 volunteers in 67 activity locations to provide educational support to 1.8 million children in Turkey. One of the main education programs of TEGV named as Enjoy Learning with Science developed by Eğlenceli Bilim. Throughout the program thousands of children has been reached in 81 cities in Turkey.


  • Adana Seasonal Agricultural Worker Children Project aims to improve the living conditions of children of agricultural workers from the perspective of child well-being. The program of the project was developed and implemented by Eğlenceli Bilim with the partnership of TEGV and Bernard Van Leer Foundation.


  • In order to keep children out of agricultural activities, to provide them with basic learning techniques and to contribute to their personal development, the “Eğlenceli Bilim in Aegean Villages” Project was carried out. Within the scope of this project, 700 children have been reached for four years by the partnership of ESİAD (Aegean Industrialists and Business People Association).


  • More than 100 short-term programs and workshops were developed and implemented by Eğlenceli Bilim with 32 NGOs and municipality such as The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV), Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (CYDD), Üsküdar Municipality, Sulukule Volunteers Association.