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Date: 13-20 November 2022

Learn Experience Science Together Online (LESTO) Project’s LTT (Learning, Teaching, Training) Meeting was held in Setubal, Portugal between November 13-20, 2022.

21 teachers from Portugal, Turkey, and Serbia participated in the meeting to help the improvement of the LESTO Portal. The meeting started with a warm welcome from EDUGEP followed by an introduction from Ozyegin University and continued with meeting activities. Teachers discussed the Need Analysis Report on the second day of the program. They examined sample scenarios to start creating their own teaching scenarios and four groups created four scenarios until the end of the project.

Additionally, teachers joined a local Setubal tour as a cultural activity, and they met for a cultural night to share their cultures with one another. In the end, all outputs were presented at EDUGEP’s center, and all participant teachers got their certificates. All teachers will disseminate the project by applying the outputs to their schools and the impact of the project will raise.