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LESTO Project Brought Science Enthusiasts Together in Ankara- 25 January 2024

Ankara, 25 January 2024 – The dissemination event of the Learn and Experience Science Together Online (LESTO) project in Ankara brought together science and education enthusiasts. The event started with an opening speech by Prof. Dr Tufan Adıgüzel on behalf of the project coordinator, Özyeğin University. Prof. Adıgüzel mentioned the objectives of the LESTO project and the results of the needs analysis. In addition, the platform details of the project were shared with the participants by EFTA. The participants had the opportunity to have a look at digital transformation and innovation in science education.

The expert speaker Nilhan Erbay, on behalf of Fun Science, shared with the participants the teaching methods and the design of the materials to make them suitable for digital use and the journey of LESTO. The event programme continued with the Free Speech session, where participants shared their own experiences and created a source of inspiration.

Good practice examples and free speech sessions gave participants the opportunity to exchange ideas by creating an interactive environment. The LESTO project dissemination event ended with evaluation and closing speeches. Participants had the opportunity to learn about current developments in the world of science and to evaluate the experience gained during the event.