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LESTO at UNICEF conference in Belgrade!

The demo-version of the platform, which is being developed within the Erasmus+ project LESTO, was presented at the UNICEF conference in Belgrade. The conference was organized 2-3 June 2023 with the main target group being elementary school and high school teachers. More than 50 teachers participated in this event.

This conference is the final conference of the UNICEF project “Let’s learn with full lungs” that was organized with the support of the Government of Norway. The conference “Let’s learn with full lungs” was held in order to encourage dialogue in society about air quality and the impact of pollution and climate change on the health and well-being of children and young people. During this project, teachers and students in Serbia were encouraged to conduct more than 200 school projects with the aim of educating the wider public about the importance of clean air, the consequences of air pollution, as well as promoting active engagement in the green transition.