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LESTO Project Kick-off Meeting at Özyeğin University in İstanbul!

On 17th June 2022 Özyeğin University as the project coordinator hosted the ‘’Learn and Experience Science Together Online (LESTO)’’ project kick-off meeting at Özyeğin University Çekmeköy Campus. LESTO is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 School Education Cooperation Partnerships Project. LESTO project consortium is as follows;

Coordinator: Özyeğin University (Turkey)


Education and Future Technologies Association (Turkey)

ARK – Eğlenceli Bilim (Turkey)

Sabancı University – Teachers Network (Turkey)

İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education (Turkey)

EDUGEP (Portugal)

Center for Promotion of Science (Serbia)

In the kick-off meeting in İstanbul, the consortium has come together to start this innovative and promising project and establish the foundations of LESTO. In this meeting, each partner has introduced their institutions, shared their work and ideas with each other.