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Learn and Experience Science Together Online – LESTO project is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 School Education Cooperation Partnerships Project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. In light of the following information, LESTO project was prepared and aims to establish a platform where Hands-on Science Education Kits, and Teacher’s Guide will be available to provide a collaborative, online science experiment platform.

Even though technology has a considerable effect on our daily lives, the use of technology in education systems is still inadequate and this need emerged dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide due to the shut down of the schools. According to World Bank “Across more than 170 countries, 1.5 billion students’ schools have closed as part of their governments’ response to COVID-19.

Ozyegin University (OzU), founded in 2007, in Istanbul, Turkey as a non-profit foundation university, positions itself to be one of the most innovative and research-oriented universities in Turkey.

Education and Future Technologies Association (EFTA) is an association aiming to enhance productivity, equality of opportunity, and quality in education by making use of todays and future technologies.

Eğlenceli Bilim has been working in the field of hands-on science education for children K-8 level in 10 years in Turkey.

At the heart of EDUGEP is the permanent commitment to our clients in providing quality services.

Established in 1996, Sabanci University (SU) in Istanbul, Turkey ranks among the highly rated research institutions in Turkey. The University employs more than 700 staff members and teaches to 4100 undergraduate and 1100 graduate students

The Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) in Serbia is a public institution established by the Law on Scientific Research with the task to promote science and technology.

European Development Institute (EDI) ( fosters the development, employment, education, and cross-sectoral cooperation by providing individuals and organizations around Europe with transformational project experiences.

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education carries out the local responsibilities of the Ministry of National Education.

The online system is a cloud-based system in that users share a learning community, the ages of 10-14 friendly, prepared to experience and learn science content and applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, which are filtered according to academic achievements, carrying out ordinary activities, and practices with the last user’s instructions. Individuals using the system will not only have access to example activities/practices.

Hands-on science education supports children’s learning by doing and experiencing; therefore, it is one of the most effective methods in science education, especially for children under 14. Within the project’s scope, a curriculum consisting of joint activities according to the subjects and concepts in the science curricula of different countries and a platform that includes activities prepared in line with this curriculum will be prepared.

Equipment such as computers and tablets that will enable them to participate in distance education is not sufficient for an efficient education, only physical participation is provided. To obtain efficiency from these tools, they also need to know how to use them. We want to classify the beneficiaries of our project as tutors and learners so as not to restrict them to teachers. For this purpose, two guides will be produced that show how educators and learners can use the other two outputs to be produced.

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